About Trees

3 color aluminum christmas treeWhile artificial Christmas trees have existed for many years, the aluminum Christmas tree is strictly a phenomenon of the Space Age. Introduced in the late-1950’s, the aluminum Christmas tree represented an eye-catching alternative to the not-very-realistic green artificial trees then being manufactured.

During the ten years or so that the aluminum trees were in vogue, many variations were introduced. The trees were manufactured in a variety of sizes, ranging from a mere eighteen inches in height to a full eight feet. Colored trees were introduced, with trees being manufactured in green, blue, red, gold and pink in addition to the traditional shiny silver.

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color wheel for aluminum treeBecause of the dangers of electrical shock associated with attaching lights to aluminum trees, color wheel spotlights were manufactured in order to illuminate them. These 150 watt spotlights had a rotating four colored plastic wheel which projected a new color on the tree every few seconds, changing the tree’s overall appearance from red to green to yellow to blue.

tree turner stand The final accessory for the aluminum Christmas tree was the rotating tree stand. These motorized stands caused the tree to rotate a full 360 degrees, usually completing a rotation in about two minutes.

In our “How to Decorate” section we have reproduced a pamphlet entitled, “How to Decorate Your Aluminum Christmas Tree.” This pamphlet outlines just about everything you need to know about aluminum Christmas tree ownership and includes useful tips for decorating.

aluminum christmas trees store