The Wonderful World of Evergleam

The Wonderful World of Evergleam Review

the wornderful world of evergleamDuring the fifteen years or so that aluminum Christmas trees were popular, they were manufactured by dozens of different companies.

Most only produced a few trees, and many were only in business for a short period of time, as the aluminum Christmas tree fad was a relatively short one, and latecomers to the market likely found sales in short supply.

Among the major manufacturers of these trees was the Aluminum Specialty Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They made trees from 1959 to 1971 and sold them under the name of “Evergleam.”

Evergleam trees were well made and quite popular, and the company eventually expanded their product line to include some 120 different models of tree, along with their own branded color wheels and motorized tree stands.

That’s a lot of items for what was essentially a niche product, and Theron Georges, a collector of Evergleam trees, has written a fascinating book about the company and their products, appropriately titled

The Wonderful World of Evergleam

Theron was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the book, and I thought I’d take the time to write a review of it.

The book is a 107 page hardback book with a hard slip case, and inside, Theron discusses the history of the aluminum tree, how Aluminum Specialty came to manufacture them, and what kinds of trees and accessories they manufactured over the years.

Theron attempted to reconstruct the entire Evergleam catalog and show and describe every model they made. He didn’t quite achieve that, as some of their models are quite obscure and official company documentation is long gone.

Still, his book shows off a sizable portion of the company’s offerings, from regular silver trees, to colored ones in green pink, blue, blue and burgundy, and gold. He’s got photos of some of the more unusual trees that had bows on the branches and silver trees with blue tips.

We’ve had hundreds of Evergleam trees over the years, and there were probably a half a dozen models in the book that we’ve never seen, along with a few that we’ve only seen once, such as the ultra-rare outdoor aluminum Christmas tree.

He explains the catalog numbering system, too, for those who like to dig deep into the details.

The book is well written and offers additional information about storage and repair tips.

There are lots of photos, of course, of trees, people posing with trees, tree accessories, and tree boxes, instructions and other interesting ephemera.

I’m glad to see that Theron has taken the time to compile all of this information, and it’s presented in a way that just about anyone will likely find to be interesting.

Highly recommended.

Where to Buy the Wonderful World of Evergleam

You can purchase The Wonderful World of Evergleam here.

Unfortunately, the book is now out of print.